Terms & Conditions

The below mentioned terms & conditions will control your usage of our website (www.bytesonlinetraining.com). In the following paragraphs, wherever it is mentioned as “Us’, “We” and “Company”, it should be considered as Bytes Online Training.

By default, ‘you’ refers to the customer who has registered with us. In-case you’re an organization who has in-turn given access to our products to one of your employee / associate, you will be taking the complete onus for any damages caused to our products.

The content available in the website and training material is completely owned, maintained and operated by Bytes Online Training. The Website, Products and Content are assets / products of the organization.

By accessing our products, including downloading them, you agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions.

1. General Policies

1.1 The software used in our portal will help you in gaining the knowledge in your chosen technology. You can also interact with the faculty and also read the recorded video sessions. It also brings the trainer and the learner at a single platform (Online classroom), wherein you can interact with him just like you do in the brick an mortal classroom training class session and seek all the help and support in understanding the concepts and getting placed in an organization. Further, you have the option of contacting the faculty in the stipulated time and in seeking additional help.

1.2 Terms & Conditions can be changed as and when required and therefore, users who are making use of the site should stick to them at any given time. At times, users might get notifications regarding the changed / modified policies. However, it is expected that you make yourself aware of the regulations and rules, and continuous usage of the portal entitles us to construe that you are accepting all our rules.

1.3 All our products and services are related to e-learning and we have every right to make changes in the services we offer. We try our best to offer the courses which are in high demand and those who are not interested in continuing with our services, can just stop using our product.

1.4 We have every right to send emails, in case we find that you’re breaching the portal’s security issues. Registering with us automatically gives us the right to send emails regarding privacy, security and administrative concerns.

2. Payment Procedure (Including Taxes)

2.1 You don’t have to worry, if you have already registered with us and have noticed the changes in the course fee. We usually don’t inform the registered users about the changes in the course fee and the revised fee will be collected from you after seeking your acceptance for the same.

2.2 You have to make ensure that the course fee is paid on time along with the service tax. You can refer our website to know more about our payment methods. You can make the payment by choosing one among the payment methods. In case, if you’re facing any problem in transferring the money to our account, you can contact us for  necessary help. If the problem persists, you can walk into our branch office in Hyderabad and can pay the amount in cash.

2.3 We have all the rights to stop our service in case you fail to make the payment on time. Irrespective of offering full service or partial service, we have every right to collect the fee for the service rendered. In-case if the course is cancelled due to unavoidable reasons, we will be collecting the course fee on a pro-rata basis.

3. Registration Process & Security

3.1 Fill all the mandatory information without fail. You need not worry about your personal information, since we ensure that your private information is maintained with utmost confidentiality and will be used only for the right purposes. Generally, contact number and email id are the two important things which users are not interested to share with others. However, these details will be used to communicate with you regarding our changed policies or about the  latest courses we are offering.

3.2 If you still have doubts in sharing your private information, you can refer our private policy section to get more idea about it. After registering with us, you should not share the password details with others. After the completion of the class, it is essential that you log off from the portal. If you find any security breaches while using our portal, please bring it to our notice so that we can ensure that these kind of things are not repeated again.

3.3 In case if  you’re unable to login to your account or if your account is compromised, we might make use of the notifications which we have sent to you earlier.

3.4 Always remember that only a registered user will have full rights on our products and services. If you share your password with your friends and relatives, there are chances that they might be misused. In case if you have got registered on behalf of your child, please do make sure that your child is not misusing it, and in-case of any breaches, you will be held responsible for the damages caused.

4. Account Information Accuracy

You should provide accurate information at the time of registering with us. In case if it found that you have provided false information, there are chances that your candidature might be terminated without any intimation.

5. Privacy Policy

5.1 Usually, it has been observed that people are scared of sharing their personal information on the web due to security reasons. To make sure that the information you have submitted to us is safe and secure, we have developed a privacy policy for our portal which will explain you how we maintain the information in a secured manner.

5.2 Information pertaining to the user and the products you have purchased on the portal and and the rules and regulations specified for the completion of the course, etc must be maintained with utmost confidentiality, so that we can avoid any disputes arising out of them. Using abusive words at the time of lecture class should always be avoided. Users who use abusive language at the time of the class or while interacting with the trainer will be barred from using our services without any prior intimation and no communication is entertained in this aspect. No refund is allowed in such cases.

6. Fee Refund

6.1 Due to various reasons like ill health of the trainer or due to natural calamities, one or two classes might get suspended. However, these classes will be conducted based on the mutual convenience of the user and the instructor.

6.2 A person who wishes to cancel the training and get a full refund of the amount should inform us prior to the beginning of the 3rd class. No refund is allowed after the third class is started.

6.3 Usually, classes are cancelled in very rare cases and in case if we cancel the classes voluntarily, full amount will be paid back to the user.

6.4 We don’t refund the amount to people who opt for self-paced courses. In-addition, refunding is not possible for those who are terminated from taking the courses, since some other person might have availed the service which you were to avail as a registered user.

7. Communication

7.1 Expenses of basic infrastructure that is required to communicate with us like Telephone and internet connection charges have to be borne by you, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that there is uninterrupted supply of power and high speed internet connection.

7.2 With a sole intention of offering best services to you, we use the standard internal systems. Only on very few occasions, you might face technical problems. This is due to certain unavoidable technical glitches or  problems arising in our system that is beyond our control and which is used to communicate with you.

7.3 In-case a user or learner complaints about these issues, we can’t be held responsible, as you have to understand that the company can’t take responsibility for issues as they are not in our hands.

8. Content Sharing

Once you press the submit button, it means that people who are browsing the content submitted by you can use it in any manner such as using for marketing and promotion purpose etc.

9. Conduct 

You should access the products of the company for ethical and lawful purposes only. You will be completely responsible for the adherence to all rules, laws and regulations pertaining to the use of our products. You should always comply with our terms and ensure that under no circumstances, you will be corresponding with our faculty members or the users without our prior permission. You can correspond with them only by seeking our written permission. You should take full responsibility for any risks involved in contacting the faculty members. In-case, if you want to meet the user of the portal or the instructor, it is better to meet them in a public place and take adequate care in ensuring your safety.

10. Disclaimer

10.1 Often, there are chances that you might find information that is not reliable, valid and accurate in comments or discussion sections. It’s beyond our control to prevent such kind of information entering on our portal. There are chances that you might view indecent, offensive and objectionable content on a blog that was submitted to the portal, and in such cases, do make sure that you accept to our terms that the company can’t be held responsible for such kind of information / content on the portal.

10.2 If you’re utilizing our services from non local countries, you’re requested to abide to all the rules and regulations of your country in using our portal. You’re requested to restrict yourself from using our portal services, incase you can’t abide to the rules set by your country. In-addition, there are also chances for getting penalized for not abiding to the rules and regulations set by the government of your country in using our software and portal.

11. Claiming Infringement Process

In case you find that our information has been used for unintended purposes or infringed by users, and if you have supporting information / evidence, please bring it to our notice in the below mentioned procedure, so that we can investigate the concern appropriately.

a) Physical or electronic signature of the person who has infringed the work
b) List of work that was infringed by the author
c) Do provide adequate information like course name, material page number etc to pinpoint the problem

12. Indemnification

You should accept in standing and indemnifying for our third parties, affiliates, employees, representatives, licencors, directors, attorney fees, costs incurred, content which had been posted by you is not harmful to us and emailing us about your concerns, using our products and services, paying expenses and breaching any of our terms.

You will solely be responsible for any content that has been posted by you and you have to defend for yourself, in case a problem arises.

13. Copyright

13.1 Acknowledgement – The software, materials, designs, communications, information, links, text, graphics, animations, art, artwork, illustrations, video clips, audio clips, images, photos , copy right able materials and other data including the arrangement and selection of the content is the sole proprietary property of Bytes Online Training and its third party and affiliated suppliers and providers.

13.2 As per our copyrights, trademarks and proprietary intellectual, a user is not allowed to make modifications to the portal content and it should not be used for other reasons. Strictly speaking, the information of the portal should be used for gaining knowledge only and it should not be used for any other means. Even though you have the facility of downloading the content available on the portal, full rights to make changes to it can be obtained only by seeking our written permission.

14. Resolving Disputes

All the disputes arising between you and us with regards to the service rendered or non-complying to our set rules and regulations will be dealt by the Indian court of law. Hence, all the users of Bytes Online Training should adhere to the verdict of the court decision in all the disputes. As such all the disputes should be taken to the court of law for smooth settlement

15. Agreement / Service Termination

15.1 For breaching our terms and laws related to our products, services and policies, we have all rights in terminating you from using our services and portal without any prior intimation. Even without any valid reason too, we have all the rights in stopping you from using our products and services.

15.2 After barring the user from using our services, we will be deleting all the information related to the user and from thereon, you will not be allowed to access the company’s portal and information. From the time you have been terminated from the services, you are free to not to follow the rules and regulations of the company. If you have downloaded any material or took printouts from our portal, you should destroy them.

15.3 In case if you want to stop using our services and you’re finding it difficult in doing so, you can write us an email at info@bytesonlinetraining.com

16. Monitoring the Content

All the content that a user sends through emails or the content which is posted by him / her on the portal will be cross checked by our team members to check whether it complies with the company policies or not. At times, your information might be reviewed automatically. If we find that the content you have posted is not complying with our terms and conditions, we have every right to remove such content and bar you from posting any content in the future. No communication will be entertained in such scenarios. We have sole rights in deciding the kind of content that is being posted on the website.

As part of our brand management, we have all the rights in deciding the kind of content that should be published on our portal and in case, if we feel that the content you have submitted is not up to the mark , we have every right in editing it or removing it or making necessary changes to it.

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