Privacy Policy has formulated several security measures to provide security to the private information that you have provided to us. Below is the information on how we gather information from you and how we use it for communication purposes and various other practices of on security policies.

Commitment to Privacy

We are committed to protect your privacy in online. The below mentioned sections will furnish the information of our commitment in providing utmost confidentiality to your private information. You can sift through the below mentioned content and can decide  for yourself as what kind of information you can furnish to us.

Information Gathering & Usage

We gather your information at the time of registering with us or when you input your information on our website.  Usually whenever you visit our website,  your IP address will be recorded and stored in our database.

Another way of collecting your private information is through cookies. They are small data files used to save as well as retrieve information whenever you visit our website.

  • Information such as how you have come to know our website
  • Either you have been routed while browsing other websites
  • Information on your preferred interests on our sites etc

We will be gathering your information in the  criteria mentioned above and will be using it  to assist you in providing the relevant information when you visit again.

If you don’t want us to use cookies to college and record  your information, you can disable the cookies options by changing the options in the settings (either in options menu or preferences in the website browser).

In-addition, we will also be gathering information when you provide information willingly. When we try to collect information in such scenarios, we will clearly let you know as why we need this information and how we will be using it. However, whether to provide the information or not, or even if you provide, to what extent you have to provide, should be decided by yourself.

Information Collection & Usage

Usually, we will be gathering your information when you register with us. Information such as Full name, Email address, Contact number, Residential Address, Alternative Email id & Contact number will be collected for communicating with you. However, visitors don’t have to provide any information to us in-order to browse through our website.

The information collected from you will be used in the below mentioned ways:

1. Personalized Services

  • To provide you personalized services and to respond quickly to your concerns

2. Website Enhancement

  • We regularly update our portal by adding new and additional features to improve the user-friendliness and effectiveness of our website and also to help you in staying updated with the latest developments in various technologies. The feedback collected from you will be used to improvise our services.

3. Processing Business Deals

  • The information collected from  you through public mode or private mode will not be exchanged, transferred or sold to other organizations for any kind of business purposes. However, the information might be provided to those third parties from whom you have requested additional help and assistance.

4. Reminder Emails

  • The email id that you have provided to us at the time of registering with us will be used to communicate with you about our changed policies, latest offers, notifications on course material etc. In-addition, if any new features or added to the portal, we will be intimating them to you.
  • We will also be sending you emails to send feedback or to participate in surveys, download sample videos, demo programs etc.If you don’t want to receive any emails from us, you can just unsubscribe by sending an email request at

5. Restricted to Vendors & Third Parties

  • We neither sell nor do any business with the information you have provided to us. We are not having any tie-ups or understanding with any business organizations which are involved in assisting us in developing our website or supporting our services. We will never share your private information with any third parties or vendors unless and until they comply to our rules and regulations. However, we might make your information public only when the need arises such as when there is a dispute between you and us, and when those details have to be provided in the court of law or for protecting the safety and rights of the organization. However, there are chances that information of unidentified guests who have visited our portal might be revealed to third parties for advertising and marketing purposes.

6. Security

  • Adequate care is taken in preserving your data security on We have devised ways and means to protect your data from being misused or modified.
  • However, you should accept and agree that information on the internet can be accessed by anyone and can be used in different ways, for which we don’t have any control.

Your Acceptability

By regularly using our site, you accept to all privacy policies.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is drafted and created to ensure that the information of the individual is safe and secure. However, we have every right to change our privacy policy and we will be regularly updating you regarding our changed privacy policy procedures.

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