Latest Interview Question: Which Major Companies USE Salesforce?


25 Jul 2017

Which Major Companies Use Salesforce?

Let me first tell you what is Salesforce?  Salesforce provides you with the fastest path from Idea to App. You can concentrate on building your app using Salesforce tools, rather than building the infrastructure and tools yourself. This can save you years of time and millions of dollars. The Salesforce development Training Has a huge demand. It’s unique for three major reasons:

  • Fast – Traditional CRM software can take a year time to deploy, whereas months or even weeks with Salesforce.
  • Easy – Salesforce wins in the easy to use category hands down. You can spend more time putting it to use and less time figuring it out.
  • Effective – Because it is easy to use and can be customized to meet business needs, customers find Salesforce very effective.

Some of the Cloud Services OFFERED by Salesforce are: 1) Salesforce Sales Cloud 2) Salesforce Marketing Cloud 3) Salesforce Service Cloud 4) Salesforce Community Cloud 5) Salesforce Commerce Cloud 6) Salesforce Analytics Cloud 7) Salesforce APP Cloud etc. These are some major Services OFFERED by Salesforce.

   Industry Company                                                             Case
Communications Com-Cast Spectator Comcast-Spectator has used Salesforce to  maintain a detailed customer profiles so that they can identify their greatest fans and more effectively market to them.
Financial Services American Express The Usage of Salesforce Sales was stated in 2010 by American Express. Now, they have their own customer success platform on Salesforce, which connects thousands of their employees across organizations, locations and time zones
Government Obama For America Staff of Obama for America used Salesforce Service Cloud to send personalized emails to users. They also used dashboards to get real-time read on what the nation was thinking about and where opinions differed across the country.
Health Care Health Leads With Salesforce Community Cloud, Health Leads are leading the way to a new model for healthcare. Similarly, with Salesforce App Cloud, patient’s data can be easily viewed  and updated, coordinate with physicians and find effective community resources.
High Tech Sony Sony uses Salesforce Service Cloud to tune in with its customers. The Sony’s customer cases are managed as one unified agent experience which has made their customers to keep happy.
Media Coco-Cola Enterprise (CCE) CCE uses Salesforce across multiple geographies and multiple business functions. Taking from call center agent to service technicians and sales representative, Salesforce is being used to connect people and information. This has helped CCE to deliver a better customer experience.
Manufacture InMobi InMobi swapped out several CRM systems for the Salesforce Sales Cloud. By using Salesforce a single layer of data management has enabled InMobi through the company. This made InMobi a fast and efficient Company.

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