Latest Greenplum DBA Interview Questions


24 May 2017

Major difference between Oracle and Greenplum

Greenplum is MPP nature. Oracle is relational Database. Nothing Architecture is shared in the Greenplum. And still there are many other differences in terms of functionality and behavior.

What is the advantage in Greenplum, compared to oracle and greenplum?

It is shared nothing, MPP architecture best for data warehousing env.  Greenplum is built on top of Postgresql. Good for big data analytics purpose. Oracle is all purpose Database.

What is the resource Queues?

These are used to manager Greenplum database workload management. All user/quires can be prioritized using Resource queues.

What is gp_toolkit?

It is a database schema, which has many tables, views and functions to better manage greenplum Database when DB is up. In 3.X earlier version it was refereed to as gp_jetpack

What are the backup options available at OS Level? 

Solaris: zfs snapshots at file system level.

All OS: gpcrondump / gp_dump.

What would you do when a user or users are complaining that a particular query is running slow?

1) look at the query plan
2) Look at the stats of the table/tables in the query
3) look at the table distribution keys and joins in the query
4) look at the network performance
5) look at the resource queues
6) look at the interconnect performance
7) look at the join order of tables in the query
8) look at the the query itself i.e. if it can be written in more efficient way.

How would you implement compression and explain possible the compression types?

There are two types of in-database compression available

1.To the entire table, Table-level compression is applied

2.Column-level compression is applied to a specific column. You can apply different column-level compression examples too.

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