Q. What kind of courses are offered by Bytes Online Training ?

A. Bytes Online Training offers a wide variety of courses in IT field and all these courses are self paced online live classes led by the instructor.Starting from latest and cutting edge technologies to popular technologies, Bytes offers all kinds of courses for the benefit of the students. In-fact, we also offer custom based courses to suit your learning needs. Often, there are chances that you want to learn only few areas of a technology. In such cases also, you can approach us and we will tailor made the course, just for you.

Q. Who are the instructors ?

A. Our instructors are leading industry professionals in their field and working in reputed organizations. They have good interest in imparting knowledge to the students.The instructors are hired after a series of discussions and interviews and Bytes picks up only the best trainers to offer quality training. As such , you can find trainers with degrees from some of the best institutions and certified in their field. The instructors take special interest in teaching to the students and therefore are available at any given time to help you with your learning needs through email and chat.

Q. How are classes conducted at Bytes Online Training ?

A. Live Online courses will be taught by the instructor everyday at a set time and duration. Users can avail the class facility from anywhere and can communicate with the instructor through microphone, chatting and email.

The course material can be accessed from anywhere and comprises of Audios, Videos, PDF documents, PPT documents etc.

Q. What is the difference instructor-led online live sessions and pre-recorded video session ?

A. Instructor-led online sessions are (live) those sessions where there is a two way communication between the instructor and the learner. The instructors can monitor, track, engage and observe the learning progress of the learner. The learners also have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and clarify his doubts through different modes such as emails, chatting or speaking directly with the instructor.

There is only one way of communication in pre-recorded sessions and the learner will not be getting a chance with the instructor. You can only play the recorded sessions at your own pace and time.

Q. What are the payment options ?

A. There are several ways in making the payment. These include Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card from leading banks. In-case if you are facing any problems, you can contact our support team for help.

Q. Is there a refund facility ? Can I get my money back ?

A. Our goal is to provide the best training and to the maximum satisfaction of the learners. As such, we provide you 1 demo training class to understand how the training classes will be. Once you are convinced you have to make the payment. However, to claim the refund, you have to inform us before the 3 rd class is conducted. From the 3rd class, no refund is allowed.

Q. Can you tell me something about the practical sessions ?

A. All the users will be provided with case studies, assignments, quizzes by the instructor so that he can monitor your progress in learning the course. You can do the practicals at your convenient time and pace, however the instructor will be guiding you in all the aspects.

Q. Do you provide any course material ? For how long, I can access it ?

A. We will be providing you the course material in the form of PDFs, software code, PPTs in downloadable form. Once you register with us, you can access the course material for a lifetime.

Q. I have registered for live instructor course and I don’t have the required software / hardware configurations needed for coding / programming . Can u help me in such Cases ?

A. Our support team will assist you in setting up the software & hardware environment in your system. You just have to follow their instructions and implement the same at your end.  If the need be, we can also provide you remote support provided we have the IP address of  your system.

Q. If there is disruption in the internet connection, do I have the facility of accessing the course again ?

A. You will always have the facility of hearing the recorded sessions. In-addition, you can also attend the missed class in other batches.

Q. How can I get support from Bytes Online Training ?

A. Our 24×7 support team will offer continuous support in all aspects. You can contact them for any help through emails or phone calls. The contact details of the team are available on the contact us page.

Q. What if I miss a Live session for a course ?

A. If you miss an online class, you don’t have to worry at all. You can check the recorded session on your user page. You just have to login to your account and go through them. You can also listen to this class by joining the session of a different branch.

Q. Can I access the course material even after completion of the course ?

A. Once you login to the portal, you can see all the recorded sessions that have been completed till today. You can also use other material such as project documents, PPTs, sample project code etc in a downloadable format. You can access them at any time and you can use it in the offline mode by downloading it.

Q. Do you offer any projects ?

A. We ensure that the best possible support is extended in making your learning process enjoying and hassle free. The instructors will provide you with real time projects to gain hands on experience in the technology you have learnt. These projects will test your knowledge in the concepts you have learnt and will provide you an opportunity to implement them in the best possible manner.

Q. Do you provide any extra assistance ?

A. You can contact our 24×7 support team for any assistance.

Q. Can I ask for any help or support even after completion of the course ?

A. You can contact the instructor even after the completion of the course. You can also make use of the public forums and discussion forums.

Q. In-case of any concerns how should I contact you and whom should I contact ?

A. For any concerns related to technical or administrative related issues, you can call us on the numbers provided in the contact us page.  Alternatively, you can email us at info@bytesonlinetraining.com

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