ETL Testing and its Scope


07 Aug 2017

Introduction of ETL Testing

ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) Testing is a process of how data is loaded from source system to data warehouse.  Data is extracted from an OLTP database, transformed to match the data warehouse schema and loaded into the data warehouse database.

ETL testing process involves 5 stages:

  1. Data source identification
  2. Acquisition of data
  3. Implementation of business logics
  4. Building data
  5. Building reports.

Why ETL Testing is required?

  • To check the expected data is loaded into a data warehouse without any loss of data.
  • To validate the accuracy of reconciliation reports.
  • Data Security is sometimes a part of ETL Testing.
  • For evaluating reporting efficiency.

To become an ETL Tester one should have the following basic skills: 

  •  Proficiency in technical skills (MS Office, Testing Tools, etc.)
  •  Must have sharp analytical skills.
  •  Good verbal and written communication skills to connect with the developers.
  •  Basic knowledge of SQL, Data Warehousing concept, and UNIX.

Future Scope:

The future of ETL Testing is very bright. ETL Tools like IBM Infosphere Information Server, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle data Integrator, Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Service, SAS, etc. are in huge demand in the Industry and because of the popularity; their scope will increase in the future.


Jobs Opportunities for an ETL Tester:

Studies show that employers are searching more for right and efficient ETL Tester than other job profiles. According to LinkedIn and Naukri data, there are 15,000 ETL Tester job positions in India.


Salary Packages:

The salary of an ETL Tester varies from organization to organization and also depends on the years of experience. At present, the average salary taken by the ETL Tester in India is between 2.5L/A to 10L/A. Also, there is no salary bar for the right candidate.

Career Growth:

There are numerous choices in the job titles and many MNCs are looking to hire the best candidate with the knowledge of ETL testing. Your career progression will include the various roles, depending upon the years of experience you have.

  • Manual Testers / QA Analyst
  •  Automation Testers
  •  Performance Tester
  • ETL / DWH / DB developers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • QA Analyst
  • QA Team Coordinator
  • Test Manager
  • Senior Test Manager

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