Latest Greenplum DBA Interview Questions

24 May 2017

Major difference between Oracle and Greenplum Greenplum is MPP nature. Oracle is relational Database. Nothing Architecture is shared in the Greenplum. And still there are many other differences in terms of functionality and behavior. What is the advantage in Greenplum, compared to oracle and greenplum? It is shared nothing, MPP architecture best for data warehousing […]

Keen Points which are seen for SQL Server DBA Role

17 May 2017

The Job Description template will provides a general overview of the types of Skills and Capabilities that the Experienced SQL Server DBA should possess. The Specifies of SQL Server DBA will likely need to be adjusted based on the specifies of your organization and Environment, as well as the work experience level of the candidate […]

A Quick Technical Overview of Openstack Technology

02 Apr 2016


OpenStack is a cloud OS that controls huge pools of storage, compute, and networking assets throughout a datacenter. All of the above factors are managed thru a dashboard which gives control for administrators while strengthening their customers to provide resources via a web interface. More particularly although, it is an accumulation of open-source software that […]