Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

11 Oct 2017

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers: Q.What is Selenium? Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing tools. Selenium is designed in a way to support and encourage automation testing of functional aspects of web based applications and a wide range of browsers and platforms.It has become one of the most accepted tools amongst the […]

Oracle Hyperion Essbase and its Advantages

18 Sep 2017

Oracle Hyperion Essbase and its Advantages: Hyperion Essbase is an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Server that provides a platform for developing custom analytic and company performance control packages, deploying prepackaged applications. Oracle Essbase, collectively with Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus, is a part of the Oracle BI Foundation. With the speedy software development environment, […]

Software Testing and its Types

12 Sep 2017

Software Testing: Software testing is a process of verifying and validating whether the software program/application/product meets the business Requirements that guided its design and development. In Simple words, Software Testing is a process of executing an application or program with the intent of finding the software errors (bugs) and verifying that the product is fit for […]