Software Performance Testing and it’s Bug Life Cycle

24 Jan 2018

Software Performance Testing and it’s Bug Life Cycle Name of the bug status may vary depends upon the tools (QC, JIRA etc) used and the process followed in the organization. Bug can be defined as the odd behavior of the software. Bug starts when a defect is found and ends when a defect is closed, […]

3 Basic things to know about Selenium

08 Dec 2017

  1] What is Selenium? Selenium is an open source, test automation tool for web-based application. Open source – It means that there is no licensing fee attached to it; any company or anybody can start to work with Selenium without purchasing anything. Test automation: – It is special software to control the execution of […]

10 Most Important Tools to Analyze Big Data

23 Nov 2017

  1) Cassandra This tool is largely used today because it provides an adequate management of large amounts of data. It offers high availability and scalability without compromising the performance of commodity hardware and cloud infrastructure. The main advantages of Cassandra displayed by the development are fault tolerance, performance, decentralization, professional support, durability, elasticity, and scalability. […]