10 Most Important Tools to Analyze Big Data


23 Nov 2017



This tool is largely used today because it provides an adequate management of large amounts of data. It offers high availability and scalability without compromising the performance of commodity hardware and cloud infrastructure. The main advantages of Cassandra displayed by the development are fault tolerance, performance, decentralization, professional support, durability, elasticity, and scalability.

2) Hadoop

It is a great product from Apache that has been used by many corporations. The important features of this advanced software library are processing of voluminous data sets in clusters of computers using effective programming models. Many Corporations choose Hadoop because of its great processing Qualities and also developer provides regular updates and also the improvements to the product.

3) Plotly

Many big data analytics use Plotly to create great productive visualization if in case if the company does not have sufficient time or skills for meeting big data needs. It makes the process of creating informative graphics very easy. Also, it enables sharing the findings by transporting the results into different formats.

4) Bokeh

This tool is for creating easy and productive visualizations. It is used for big data analytics experts to easily and quickly create interactive data applications, dashboards, and plots. Many experts also say Bokeh is the most advanced and productive visual data representation tool.

5) Neo4j

Official website of the tool claims that it is the world’s leading graph database.  It is because it takes the big data business to the next productive level: it helps to work with the connections between. Connections between the data drive modern intelligent applications, and Neo4j is the tool that transforms these connections to gain a competitive productive advantage.

6) Cloudera

This tool is used for creating a data repository that can be accessed by all corporate users that need the data for different purposes. It was developed in 2008 and the most popular supporter of Apache Hadoop. This combination is known to transform businesses and it reducing business risks in order to give them advantage.

7)  OpenRefine

This tool allows the businesses to prepare everything for the data analysis.  Open Refine will help to organize the data in the database that was nothing but a mess (confusion). So, the users can begin to process the data with the computer.

 8) Storm

This tool makes the list because of its streaming data processing capabilities in real time. It also joins with many other tools such as Apache Slider to manage and security of data.  It includes data monetization, real-time customer management, cybersecurity, operational dashboards, and threat detection. These functions provide great business opportunities.

9) Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha calculates new things; it is an awesome tool to look for information about everything. Doug Smith from Pro essay writing says that his company uses this tool financial, historical, social, and other professional areas researchers. For e.g., if you type “Microsoft,” you receive input interpretation, fundamentals and financials, latest trade, price history, performance comparisons, data return analysis, correlation matrix, and much other info.

10) Rapidminer

A big data specialist needs this open source data science platform, which functions through visual programming. Rapidminer allows manipulating, analyzing, model, creating models, and integrating the data.



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